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The granddaughter of a carpenter, Rebecca E. Eden grew up visiting her Papa at his construction sites and lived in a century old home that was constantly under renovation. 

She paid attention to how things were done.

She watched.

She listened.

She learned a thing or two about fixing things, making things and doing things the right way. 

Today, she has the tools to back up that knowledge.

As a single mom of triplets, Rebecca and her children have lived in five homes in five years. Along the way, she snagged furniture that had seen better days and ree-newed them to their original glory. Friends told her  she had a gift for decorating  and design. As her homes changed, so did her needs and Rebecca would sell pieces she fixed up for ones that better fit her new space.

She soon found herself starting reefurnish

From sprucing up an entire room to just helping you pick the perfect paint color, Rebecca stays within YOUR budget by using her creativity to make your space chic.

Call Rebecca today to fill your space with an original piece of furniture that makes a statement, a timeless classic that you will treasure forever. 

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